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 Post Posted: Wed Oct 24, 2007 10:26 am 
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Casper, my first opponent and his lizardmen from Denmark, as well as his team's drink (this time no zambuca, but tasted like medicine and warmed from inside - I liked it :D).
He could still laugh, but after about 6 turns als his skinks took a... coffin in the casualty box and were followed by a saurus as well (thanks to my fan's ballistic skill, the stone hit it's mark).
Blizzard for 16 and get the ref for 8 turns, so no wonder I bashed the Lizzies :smoking:
2-1 in TDs and 4-2 in casualties.

Marco from Holland. His Skaven bashed my team bitterly, yep, my dice worked for him too (see my blocking dice below). I took it with some humour, after all he was a nice opponent and maybe I get my revenge at the next 24hrs of Blood Bowl! :lol:
0-3 in TDs, 1-1 in Casualties.

Match 2 - my first 6 blocking dice (starting from the bottom...).

Ian from England. Both of us rolled about average, but the most frequent numbers were 1 and 6. That's how I got intercepted by his woodies, on of two times this tourney.
I lost 2-3 in TDs and won 2-0 in Casualties (the mor important statistics 8) ). It's been a funny match.

Javier from Spain and his Orcs. He and his teammates didn't do any "Boom, Boom! La, La!" but my series (starting in game 2) of rolling ones on catches, pick ups, dodges and passes was prolongued. Anyway I still enjoyed the match against a relaxed opponent.
1-2 in TDs, 1-4 in Casualties.

Connor from Australien and his humans. The best game from all the tournament. It's been thrilling, but not because both of us were especially good, but because both of us kept rolling ones and skulls. I really loved this match against a relaxed and cool opponent, who took his own dice with humour. And by the way: when would I ever get the chance to play against Aussies in Europe?
2-1 in TDs und 2-0 in Casualties.

The Australian team, just before Peter (especially Peter) and I introduced them to Manner Schnitten (you maybe know them, if you have seen Terminator III), and gave some to them. You can't image how quickly they were eaten :lol:
By the way: they knew what we meant with saying "we're the ones without cangaroos."
Awesome match, nice opponents and somebody you don't often get to play against. This could have stand alone as reason to come to the WC.

Phillippe from France, whose woodies kind of finished me. Okay, still I was not able to succeed in my 2+ rolls (I accomplished 3 in the whole match)... Looks bad for my Dark Elves
1-5 in TDs, 1-0 in Cas

Jean and his humans from France played the low-level-game (last table for our teams) against my Dark Elves. Finally my series of ones and skulls stopped and passed over to my opponent. He took it, typical for a good Blood Bowler, with humour and we had a nice game.
2-1 in TDs und 2-2 in Cas

Ralf and hi orcs from Germany.
First action: Blitz on my Witch-Elf, Casualty. After that, nothing worked out for him until my turn 8 in the fisrt half, when I hit the ground at the go for it to the endzone (it would have ben the 2-0). Afterwards the luck kind of turned and when I got the chance to score the 2-1 he intercepted my pass with a black orc and scored (after some... unnecessary blocks).
1-2 in TDs, 1-1 in Cas

Laurent and his Skaven from France (numer 3 at this tourney), kept, quite cool in the face of Nuffle cursing his dice. Although I was the lucky one this time and he... well... absolutely not, that's why I scored the 1-0 in my turn 8 of my first hald as a defence TD. His chosen skills showed that he actually thought about what to do on this tourney and I am sure, if his dice would have been about average, it would be a thrilling match. This way it's been quite... interesting with some funny moments (pitch invasion next photo).
2-1 in TDs, 1-1 in Cas

Yes, both of us have got Fame +1, I still had 10 players on the field, while Laurent set up 9 (the rest was in the casualty box or knocked out and didn't come). We rolled a pitch invasion and the fans struggled 5 players in my team and 4 in his to the ground (including the rat ogre, his frenzie blitzer and his two remaining gutter runners). Open street for the 2-0, but I (as usually) was not able to make the go for it to the end zone.
However, 9 out of 19 struggled down at a pitch invasion... awesome!!!

Markus our swiss mercenary with our self-made swiss flag at the spanish night (and the rugby final).

I therefore decree that there should be an everlasting friendship between Spain and Austria. 8)

The Spaniacs made a small mistake with the flag, but don't worry, we corrected the yellow part. :lol:

Blood Bowl ist ein Wintersport! Duda, Duda!


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