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 Post subject: Horde Teams
 Post Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 5:15 pm 
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This is my take on putting together a Mongrel Horde style team. I am sure there are 1001 different takes on here already, this is 1002 . . . . . views?

What is a Horde Team?
Inspired by the infamous Mongrel Horde team in the NAF, Horde teams are highly unpredictable in make up. The coach will not know from game to game exactly which team will turn up or even how many players they will have. Added to that the players actively hate each other and point blank refuse to work together as a unit, they require a highly skilled (not to mention lucky) coach to get the best out of them.

Horde teams are a little different to normal as they having more starting money and uniquely use the squad system. They also have a wider choice of players who could play within their ranks than any other team. However, the Coach doesn’t have as much ‘choice’ as it may look . . . . .

Building a Horde team
Unusually Horde teams start with 1500 TV from which to buy players. They must buy a minimum of 20 players before buying rerolls or any other extras.

0-6 Snotlings
0-6 Goblins
0-1 Goblin Chainsaw
0-4 Orc Linemen
0-2 Black Orcs
0-4 Chaos Dwarf Blockers
0-4 Hobgoblins
0-4 Dark Elf Linemen
0-2 Dark Elf Assassins
0-4 Beastmen
0-2 Chaos Warriors
0-4 Chaos Humans
0-4 Rotters
0-4 Linerats
0-1 Troll
0-1 Minotaur
0-1 Ogre

Rerolls – 70k

Star Players - Bomber Dribblesnot (60k), Lewdgrip Whiparm (150k), Rashnak Backstabber (200k), Horkon Heartripper (210k), Lord Borak the Despoiler (300k), Morg ‘n’ Thorg (430k)

Squads and Teams
Horde outfits due to their odd nature have a squad and team concept. Horde teams have a squad of players (the minimum is 20 the maximum is 32) available to them. From these 20 a team of players for a particular game will be randomly selected.

Fielding a team
The Horde coach never knows who will turn up from game to game – both players and back office staff! It is therefore virtually impossible for them to actively manage their teams value as it could change so dramatically week on week. Before each game the Horde coach rolls a D6 and adds 10 to the result. This tells them how many players will turn up to play in their team. Next the coach then randomly selects the correct number of players from the squad, this tells them who is in their team for that week. It may well be the case that a player is hired who turns up week on week to play whereas another hired player is never available for a game.

Back Office shenanigans
If it wasn’t bad enough that the players are unpredictable, the back office staff are virtually the same! For each Cheerleader, Assistant Coach and Apothecary on the roster roll a D6 before each game. On the roll of a 6 they had a better offer that day and didn’t bother turning up. Do not remove them from the roster, they may put in an appearance next game.

As soon as the coach has worked out how many players and who specifically has turned out for the team and which Back Office staff turned up, they can then work out their team value for that match.

Few people choose to play for a Horde team – they often tend to be the last resort of desperate, deposed and dangerous players whose behaviour is so outrageous that even a Chaos team refuse to take them in! This selection of psychopaths have zero team spirit, they are nothing more than a collection of selfish individuals that ill fortune has banded together. Therefore, everyone on a Horde team has loner and animosity skills and their rerolls are rather expensive.

It’s not all bad though! Horde teams are often favoured by various capricious Chaos Gods who reward their skulduggery. All Horde players have access to mutations as a normal skill.

Hiring and Firing players
Horde teams must if they are able keep a minimum squad of 20 players. They may never fire players if it means falling beneath this minimum number of squad players. Instead no matter how battered or broken a player becomes, they must stay on the roster until the team has enough spare players to number at least 20. Note if any players have an injury that results in them being MNG they still count towards the squad pool of 20 and if they are randomly selected for a game they just fail to show up. If the Horde team fall short of 11 players to start a match then keep on randomly selecting players until an active 11 are reached.

If at any point the squad of players falls below 20 due to player deaths, then the coach must hire new players as soon as possible in order to get them back up to 20. They may not continue to save up to buy a particular positional, if the coach can afford anyone (even a snotling) then they must hire them for the squad.

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 Post subject: Re: Horde Teams
 Post Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 6:37 pm 
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More than loner to everyone, I'd rather not allow them to buy RR (who would, anyway?). At least if they get some during kick off or halfling chef, they can use it. Also makes them want to hire staff and FF, making it a different type of team.

Animosity spam is ok.

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