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Road to the NAFC 2016
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Author:  Purplegoo [ Wed Jan 06, 2016 7:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Road to the NAFC 2016


Road to the NAFC 2016

The first Online NAF tournament of 2016 is to be an old favourite, as we once again travel the Road to the NAF Championship! The FUMBBL tournament will kick off on Monday January 18th, and once again you can win your ticket to the NAFC (or other NAF Major of your choosing - see below) along with some other NAFC goodies.

The rulespack for our tournament can be found here, and here, and is summarised below.

The FUMBBL group page has an FAQ section, and you can ask any questions in the NAF, TFF or FUMBBL forums. I hope you'll make 2016 the year where you join us in playing Online NAF tournaments!

Rulespack Summary

- Non-progression Blood Bowl!

- Team treasury: 1.10 M gold. All inducements are permitted except Special Play Cards, Mercenaries and Team Wizards

- Format: 6 games of Swiss in approximately 30 team groups formed according to timezone preference (Europe, America, Australasia), followed by a playoff to determine an overall winner

- Weekly rounds

- Skill package as per the NAFC - 3 normal skills before game 1, 2 normal skills and a double before game 4

- The winner will receive a free ticket to the NAFC '16, worth £50. The NAF have generously offered to substitute this prize with a free ticket to the winner’s local NAF Major tournament!

- A Stunty Cup will be awarded, and one coach will be selected at random to receive the 2016 NAFC free gifts

You can make a team and apply to the tournament right now! Teams should be made via this link, and then coaches wishing to play in European timezones should apply here, North American timezones here, and Oceanic timezones here.

NAFC Reminder

Full NAF Championship details can be found via the rulespack, or in this very forum! If you’d like to attend this year, hurry! There is a £5 early bird saving and a reduced rate available at the convenient, on site hotel should you buy your ticket before the end of January!


If anyone would like to join us but has FUMBBL concerns (but how do I...), shout below. It's easy when you get the hang of it. ;)


Phil / Goo.

Author:  Purplegoo [ Mon Jan 11, 2016 9:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Road to the NAFC 2016

One week warning!

69 teams already, with 7 days to go. Could it be as big as last year?

Get stuck in!

Author:  Purplegoo [ Thu Jan 14, 2016 7:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Road to the NAFC 2016


Remember you only have until Monday to apply. We've got a good number already for this time in application week, it looks like it's going to be a bumper event! :)

Author:  Purplegoo [ Sun Jan 17, 2016 9:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Road to the NAFC 2016

24 h to go, get applied!

Author:  Purplegoo [ Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Road to the NAFC 2016

144 coaches are GO in the 2016 RTTNAFC!

I need a NA and an Oceanic coach to even up those groups. PM me on FUMBBL ASAP if interested!

Should be good, please come along and spectate the madness! :D

Author:  Purplegoo [ Thu Mar 03, 2016 7:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Road to the NAFC 2016

The group stages are over! Copy / paste of the last group PM below.

Hi all!

We’ve come to the end of the Road to the NAF Championship 2016. As ever, there has been some really good Blood Bowl played and I’ve spectated some cracking encounters. Well done to everyone that has taken part!

Now for the glittering prizes! As you know, there was one prize of the 2016 NAF Championship giveaway to be won by a lucky ‘raffle’ winner – a randomly selected coach that completed all 6 games. That coach was iena . Congrats, and I’ll be in touch when I’ve got your sweet loot!

The Stunty Cup was a particularly tightly contested event this year. Previously at Online NAF HQ, we’ve had the top two Stunty teams play off for the honour of being Stunty champions, but in this case, we have 4 teams locked at 5 points. SzierberthAdam’s Ogres and Chavo, phil78 and m0gw41’s Halflings have fought to two wins and a draw each, so it seems sad to separate them by tiebreakers across different groups and timeszones. I’ve contacted our fab four separately by PM, and if they’re game, we’ll have an exciting four team playoff for the Stunty Cup.

Each group in the tournament took some winning, every one was pretty well stacked with good coaches and teams. Congratulations to all of our winners / second placed teams. We only have one main prize (that golden ticket), so the teams in bold have qualified for our 8 team playoff. Coaches, please apply to the European group so I can set this up.

Euro Group 1: Kithor (Dwarf) / Estremo (Amazon)
Euro Group 2: JimmyFantastic (Undead) / Simon_MLF (Chaos Dwarves)
Euro Group 3 Strider84 (Lizardmen) / Endzone (Wood Elves)
Euro Group 4: Jokaero (Dark Elf) / fxiii (Wood Elf)

North America: spock (Lizardmen) / nerdbird (Dwarf)
OCN: Olaf_the_Stout (Norse) / Dazedmw (Undead)

Well done, all! Several coaches put in brilliant performances, but were sadly squeaked out by the odd point or tiebreakers. Special mention to happygrue (Vampires!).

So. What next? When the playoffs are well underway, I’ll be across the BB Internet with details of our next tournament, the NAF Team Challenge. That’s right – the team element from the World Cup Warm Up is back; start putting those bands back together!

If anyone needs more information on the 2016 NAF Championship, shout. It’s quite the show, so if you can make it, you should!

Thanks again for playing and for making the RTTNAFC a great tournament once again.

Phil / Goo.

Author:  sann0638 [ Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Road to the NAFC 2016

Thanks as ever for smooth admin skills!

Author:  Purplegoo [ Thu Mar 24, 2016 9:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Road to the NAFC 2016

Tonight, at 21:30 server time, the final of the RTTNAFC '16 will take place. fxiii's Wood Elves will battle Jokaero's Darkies for the 2016 Playoff Championship, and that golden ticket to the NAFC / other Major.

Gather rocks, tune in and /cheer!

This allows us to clear the decks for the NAF Team Challenge; expect much more detail over Easter!

As ever, if you're confused about this FUMBBL stuff, but would like to join in the fun, drop me a line and I can help you through it.


Phil / Goo.

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