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 Post subject: My NAFC-experience
 Post Posted: Mon May 27, 2013 11:55 am 
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After spending an extra hour in the car on the M25/M1 the two of us (TFF's Vigfus aka Sjapie) and me arrived at the hotel in Nottingham ready for meeting both old and new friends.

We found out that the hotel was a great place to start the weekend.
Nice rooms, great bar and many, many bloodbowlplayers!

On saturdaymorning we went into the venue and saw that it was even better than Warhammer World, because we had the place to ourselves.
With a certain amount of anxiety I awaited the first round draw, to find out my norse were playing against Ogres.

Knowing that this was a game my norse should win, the question was if I would survive the onslaught of "Mighty blow"-power.
After meeting MrHannah we started the game. I gave mighty blow to a berserker, he gave piling on to an ogre.
I won the fame and kick-off so my hunt for the snotlings started early on. Unfortunatly beating armour 5 with mighty blow was a lot harder then I thought.
Lucky for me the ogres weren't warmed up yet so by the time they were mopping up my team, i was on a comfortable 2-0 lead.
The end result was a 2-0 win with 4-7 win in casualties for MrHannah.

My second match saw me coming up on Bester's Lizardmen.
He gave Mighty Blow to a saurus, my Snowtroll also got that skill
In pouring rain he received the ball, and I was receiving the punishment (our so i tought).
Somehow I came through the first round without much trouble and let my troll loose on the lizzies.
While a couple of skinks sneaked through my defence, i started to focus on taking his team out.
in turn 5 he had to score to have a change to let the 3 KO's return and I still had 4 turns and a whole team to score de 1-1 in the first drive which would then let me win the game.
His KO's were afraid to come back and I was planning the equalizer.
Due to foul weather I was unable to pick-up the ball and so jim was in the lead for the second half, although he missed a few skinks and a couple of sauri.

The second half saw me scoring on turn 4 with jim's team being reduced to 4 players (2 sauri, 2 skinks).
On the kick-off the audience decided to punish the lizzies for being so breakable and killed a saurus wih a rock.
This left me with 10 players vs 1 saurus and 2 skinks.
I rushed into his backfield and got the ball to score the 2-1 victory.
The result was 2-1 win with 5-2 win in casualties and a lot of KO's who refused to return to the field.

In game three I was paired against Rodney_Dangerfield's undead.
I gave block on an Ulfwerner, whil John gave block on a ghoul.
This game saw us using the same dice (my own regualr d6s) and breaking 3/4 of all armour rolls without the use of any skill.
We both kept rolling 10's and more while the injury rolls were rarely above the stunned-level.
This was a realy close game untill I lost an Ulfwerener and the Troll which also lost me the game.
The result was a 1-0 loss with John winning the casualty-race by 3-2

The first game on sunday saw me playing against Mago, a Swedish guy who played humans.
I gave my second Ulf block and one of his cathers also got block.
The first few turns saw our teams looking for a hole in the other team"s defence without realy accomplishing something.
It was when my Troll removed the opposing Ogre from the pitch that I got the hole and suddenly my team sneaked through his lines.
After injuring a human blitzer with guard and kicking the other guard-blitzer from the field I scored the 1-0 at the end of the half.
Halfway through the second half Mago had to resort to trick play because of his dwindling nulber of players (either KO or injured).
When failing to dodge through my defence, i recovered the ball and had plenty of players left to screening my ballcarrier off.
I ended up winning the game 2-0 and 3-1 on casualties.

Then came the confrontation with another Norse-team. This team was led by Stan Richardson aka Winckle Picka.
I gave mighty blow to a blitzer, but I can't remember what skill he gave.
The first half saw us slaughtering each other's team and we both managed to score a touchdown.
The second drive we started playing with 7 vs 7 (out of 12 vs 13 on the roster).
This was a positioning game with both of us never really trying the one-die-block because of the risk of losing yet another men.
After Stan's troll wasn't really getting the plan I managed to steal his ball but this left me next to the sideline with Stan's Ulf next to my ballcarrier.
Ultimately the ball was thrown in next to his lineman, who got the ball and scored the winning touchdown.
Though I lost the game, I somehow ended up with Valen on my team (don't ask about this!).
So Stan won 2-1 in touchdown while the casualtyrace got stuck on a disappointing 3-3.

The last game saw me entering the pitch against Don Vito's Lizardmen.
He gave a sixth saurus block while I gave sure hands on a linemen.
This match would have made my Snowtroll MVP if such a price was given out during the tournament.
While we both had some good and bad rolls a crucial times the only one who never gave in to bad luck was my troll.
He ended up blocking/blitzing each time I wanted him to, he single-handedly send several of the Don's players of either to the KO-box or never to return with an injury.
Dave managed to score a touchdown of his drive, while some fancy pushing and a little trickplay left me with a 1-1 draw at the end of the first half.
While a wellplace single die blitz left Dave with the ball, he had no option to stall out the game because of the large number of missing players. He had four sauri and 4 sinks left.
So once again I was running up to his endzone to try and score the draw.
After a 2-time double skull left his saurus stunned, running through his defence was a piece of cake.
So at the end of the second half we ended up with a 2-2 draw and me winning with 4-2 on casualties.

At the end of the tournament I got 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses.

My starting roster was:
1 Snowtroll
2 Ulfwereners
2 Berserkers
8 linemen
2 RR
2 FF
1 coach and 1 cheerleader.

Spending two days at the new venue was a marvelous experience which I'm going to repeat next year!

I want to thank the organisers for doing a great job.
Winning 6 games earned Jimmy the title of NAF-champion for a whole year, for which i want to congragulate him!
Next I want to thank my 6 opponents for the great games I got to play and for their sportsmanlike behaviour.
I can only recommend this tournament to other players as this was one of the greatest bloodbowl-experiences of the year.

I hope to see you all next year.

Scourge of Lizardmen! and Sjapie!
I'll never be your Beast of Nurgle.

 Post subject: Re: My NAFC-experience
 Post Posted: Mon May 27, 2013 1:00 pm 
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Was a great game, its was cetainly a game of two halves

 Post subject: Re: My NAFC-experience
 Post Posted: Mon May 27, 2013 6:34 pm 
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My highlight (?) was the blitzer who failed a GFI fell on the ball which bounced to a lineman who caught it and then run in the winning score. Up to that point I thought my three lizards might hang on for the draw.

Despite everything a fun game, you can only laugh!

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