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 Post subject: Capital Shield 3, 5th & 6th March 2016, Wellington NZ
 Post Posted: Wed Dec 02, 2015 6:50 am 
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Here we go again! :D

The What

It's a two day resurrection tourney, in Wellington NZ, on 5th and 6th March 2016. That basically means that the roster you have for the first game is the same as the roster you have for game 6, as well as all games in between - there are no gained SPPs in resurrection tourneys, and injuries (even deaths) are cancelled at the end of each match.

We also have a team mechanic this year in tribute to the ATC3 coming to Christchurch in August. Each pairing of coaches in round 1 will thereafter compete as a "tag team", and the highest scoring team at the end of the weekend will get a prize (note that the team mechanic does not affect overall individual scoring, all other prizes are still individual awards). See the rules pack for details!

The Where and the When

We'll be playing at the same venue this year as last - in the "Church" function room at JJ Murphy & Co on Cuba Street. You'll need to turn up in advance of 9.30am on the Saturday, and 9am on the Sunday (subject to change). We'll be done by 5pmish on each day - and we're about 30 mins bus or taxi to the airport.

The How Much

The price for a ticket starts at $35 for early bird signups. A separate thread will be created at the beginning of December with ticket price and purchase details.

What you get for your ticket price

There will be awesome prizes aplenty - roughly one full blood bowl team for every two attendees! - plus you'll get six games of high quality, fun infused Blood Bowl (three on day one, and the same again on the Sunday)! We'll be enforcing the 'Highlander' rule, too, so even if a coach qualifies to win multiple awards, (s/)he must choose between them and any non-selected awards will bump down to the next in line for that crown... for any given coach, and where awards are concerned, there can be only one!

Building your team

You have 1.1m GP to spend on your roster for the weekend. That 1.1m can include inducements (anything except cards and mercs). You can even include one or more stars in your first 11, and if they also turn up on your opponent's team, we'll assume there's some sort of ringer out there with the same stats and skills.

Each race/team is awarded a certain number of star player points before the tourney, which can be stacked on any player or combination of players (except stars) you like. Each player with 6 spps or more may take one skill from their normal skill access table; players with 16spps may take two skills from the skill table, one of which may be a double, and so on. See the rules pack for full details.

The SPP value table is changed from last year and each team's allowance of SPPs is loosely based on the recorded win% and popularity (number of games played in the sample) of each team at NAF events under the CRP/LRB6 rules in the last 24 months (source:

Any other business

We'll be playing swiss format rules. All rounds will be determined by the Score software, except the first, which is randomly drawn to match off coaches from two pots - the first containing WBBL regulars, the second containing everybody else.

Rules disputes should be settled amicably between the coaches involved using the rulebook, in quick fashion, wherever possible. If this isn't achievable, please call on the Tournament Organiser who will make a ruling then and there. The organiser's decision is final in all cases.

Tie breakers will be decided by strength of schedule (including any head to head games); ie you receive more points the higher the final ranking of all of your opponents combined.

Sign up

Sign up at or (if you've not done so already) and post your intention to attend in the relevant subforum of the tournament section. I'll get in touch very soon to sort out the rest.

Rules pack: ... uleset.pdf

Venue details:

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